How much does shipping cost?

Free standard shipping worldwide!

Option: Express Delivery within Australia: $7.50

I bought a copy of the book and it is missing pages. What do I do?

A couple of copies from our very first batch of books were printed with every second page left blank, meaning that half of Enid’s story was left untold! We’re so sorry about that! If you happen to be affected by this batch, please contact us and let us know and we’ll sort out a replacement copy for you!

Why can’t I buy this book at my local book store?

If your local book store isn’t on our list of stockists, it means Enid and Her Two Mums hasn’t made it there – yet! We are working our hardest on getting Enid and Her Two Mums into as many bookstores as possible. It is a long process, but our book is getting out into the world more and more each day! If you would like to see Enid and Her Two Mums stocked at your local bookstore, let us know the name of the bookstore and we’ll get in touch with them.

I’d like to make a bulk order of the book. Can I get a discount for a bulk order?

You sure can! Just contact us for a quote for your bulk order!

I’d like to buy a signed copy. How can I have it signed to a particular person?

When you are finalising your order, be sure to type in the ‘Notes’ section, telling Jessica whom to sign the book out to.

Are there more books in the series?

There sure will be! Stay tuned!